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Pet.Me, Brand Identity, Mobile Application, Digital, Print Design, Photography, Motion, Maryland Institute College of Art, MICA.



It all began with kitties...

Pet.Me stemmed from our concern about the insecurities of body image among girls going through puberty and the taboo around female masturbation in our society. Our original goal was to make information about puberty, masturbation, and hygiene more accessible, fun to learn about, and inclusive for all girls. We designed different kitties to represent diversity and to show that every girl has a unique and beautiful body. This project was created at MICA for a design class taught by Jennifer Cole Phillips and Jason Gottlieb.

Contest Winner:
2016 Adobe Design Achievement Awards
Winner in Commercial: Web + App + Game Design
Finalist in Social Impact: Photo + Print + Illustration + Graphic
Honorable Mention in Social Impact: Animation + Motion Graphics